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On the off chance that you were harmed in Gainesville, you could wind up with costs including emergency clinic bills, prescription, and weeks or long periods of missed work. In any case, you might not need to confront these expenses alone and you may need an attorney to recuperate some or the majority of the cash. We see extremely numerous mishap exploited people who hold up too long to even think about investigating their legitimate choices, and end up passing up on their opportunity. Try not to pass up a major opportunity—address a Gainesville individual damage legal counselor today.

Our main goal is helping people like you with personal injury/wrongful death cases. We have labored for a long time speaking to the enthusiasm of people and families shaken by mishaps due to personal injury or wrongful death. Since 1938, we have developed from a small law office to one of the biggest and most regarded personal injury law offices in the City of Gainesville.

We would love a chance to help you resolve your case. We can arrange an appointment and help you navigate all the possible legal options. Contact Stewart Melvin & Frost, 770-536-0101 today to schedule your appointment.

What should your first action after any accident in Gainesville, GA be?

Contact a reputable Gainesville Georgia personal injury attorney.,they can advise you whether or not you have a case. Insurance companies are very experienced in fighting their case, Don’t make the mistake of trying to settle with them alone. Our Uncommon Trial Team attorneys are here to help you handle your case, claim or settlement.

Does my accident or injury qualify as a personal injury case?

The most important rule is not to underestimate the accident or personal injury and believe that you do not have a case. Most people who have an accident don’t believe it is serious enough to file a claim or the damages would be too low to collect on. Some believe that when an “act of god” or a random occurrence caused the incident and they do not qualify for compensation. As far as the law is concerned, none of the above is correct. More times than not, if you were involved in an accident either with a motor vehicle or not and you were injured through no fault of your own in the process, there is a good chance you have a case.

Negligence means that your injury may not have been caused on purpose, but if someone had been more careful it most likely would not have happened. Many personal injury cases center around negligence and whether someone is accountable.

What is the biggest complaint made by clients about their personal injury case?

The biggest complaint by clients today is their inability to speak with or hear from their lawyer. Recognizing the importance of accessibility, Mark and Andrew have developed a “client-first” law practice built on professionalism, responsiveness and respect.

This uncommon trial team accepts a limited number of cases to always allow focused time for the people they represent and their cases. They listen. They are thorough. They prepare. And most of all, they are available and responsive.

Simply put: Nothing is more important than the relationships we have and the trust we earn from each of our clients and their families.

What is the average statute of limitation for a personal injury case?

Personal injury claims, settlements or cases hold complicated deadlines contingent to the type of accident and who is negligent or invovled. Gainesville Georgia, follows the statutes of limitations set by both state and federal law. Your time to file can range from two weeks to 2 years, The most important thing to do is contact to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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Additional Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does An Attorney Represent Me When I Am In Accident?
A personal injury lawyer performs many important duties while representing you including:

  • Your personal injury attorney will explain how an accident, personal injury or wrongful death can alter a person’s rights.
  • High on the list of duties for your personal injury lawyer is to provide you advice on your case. From common advice to walking through the case it is your attorneys job to help you understand the laws surrounding your personal injury or any other case.
  • One of the most important ways a personal injury lawyer works for you is by talking for you to the judge and throughout the case. Fighting a case is complex and requires proper procedures to be in place, including chain of custody and rules of evidence. This is a big reason why it is best NOT to represent yourself.
What Is The Maximum Amount Of Money I Can Get From A Personal Injury Case?
According to this article from

Overall, 70% of our readers with a personal injury claim received a payout (an out-of-court settlement or an award after a trial). And for nearly that many (67%), the compensation came in the form of a settlement. Very few readers (4%) saw their case go to trial, which is typical in personal injury cases. Trials can be time consuming, expensive, and risky for everyone involved. That’s why insurance companies—as well as the lawyers helping injured people—are usually motivated to reach a settlement.


* Read the full article here *

How Does My Personal Injury Attorney Get Paid in Georgia?
Your personal injury/wrongful death attorney will only receive a payment if you win a settlement. This can sometimes be discouraging if their fee is high, but since they are taking a chance on your personal injury case, it helps you justify their fee easier.
Do You Have To Pay Taxes On Money Awarded From A Personal Injury Cases?
The great news is no, in most cases, personal injury settlements in Georgia are not subject to tax. In the instance that there is an exception, you may only owe taxes on part of your settlement, very rarely will you be taxed on the whole amount.

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