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Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Gainesville, Georgia

Dog attacks can be traumatic, serious events. Not everyone is lucky enough to survive a dog attack, but even those who escape with non-fatal injuries rarely escape without serious puncture wounds or gashes. Dog bite victims usually have to deal with extensive pain, medical expenses, and lifelong psychological fears associated with the event. If you have suffered a dog bite injury in a dog attack in or around Gainesville, the Trial Team at Stewart, Melvin, Frost can help hold the responsible party accountable.

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How Stewart Melvin & Frost Can Help You After A Dog Attack

Georgia state law permits dog bite and attack victims to hold negligent dog owners and handlers accountable under certain circumstances. To determine liability, the Stewart, Melvin, Frost Trial Team, led by Mark Alexander and Andrew Gould, will conduct a comprehensive review of the incident to collect the necessary evidence to prove your cases, such as if the owner was aware of prior attacks or bites.

Our Trial Team collects this evidence from various sources, including witnesses, neighbors, animal control, and local officials. Our experienced Trial Team is very familiar with the relevant state and local ordinances dictating the liability of a dog owner.

Dog bites are preventable injuries, and owners may be required to take steps to prevent their dog from hurting other people when the dog has a history of dangerous behavior, such as prior bites or attacks on another person. When the owner fails to do so, you can count on the Stewart, Melvin, and Frost Trial Team to hold them accountable and protect your rights. Our experienced Trial Team listens to each client’s story and takes seriously the effect violence like this can have on a person. “For us, it is about the Golden Rule,” says Andrew Gould, “We treat each client as we would want our family to be treated. It is why we choose the quality of our work over the number of our cases, which allows us to always be responsive, professional, and prepared for every client.”

With over 30 years of experience, we have what it takes to conduct the necessary exhaustive, rigorous investigation and gather the relevant evidence needed for your case.

Damages You Could Recover After Being Bitten by a Dog in Gainesville, Georgia

Gainesville, Georgia, dog bite victims are eligible to recover compensation from negligent parties for:

  • Special damages: Past and future financial losses, such as medical bills, property damage (including clothing and jewelry), loss of income, or funeral expenses accrued because of the attack.
  • General damages: Non-financial losses, such as physical and emotional pain, interruption of life, or loss of personal enjoyment, depending on the severity of the injury.
  • Punitive damages: A monetary award intended to punish the dog’s owner if they illustrate willful misconduct, malice, fraud, wantonness, oppression, or that entire want of care which would raise the presumption of conscious indifference to consequences. Punitive damages also send a message to others of certain conduct that will not be tolerated in our communities.

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The highly qualified Trial Team at Stewart, Melvin, Frost works on a contingency fee basis, meaning you are not obligated to pay us until we resolve your claim. If you have suffered an injury because of a negligent dog owner in Gainesville or the surrounding Northeast Georgia area, allow our well-respected, hard-working, responsive, and successful attorneys to represent your interests.

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