Car accidents…nobody wants to get involved in one, but they do happen every day around us. Whether you were injured or not in the accident, what you do to get compensated by an insurance company – right after the accident matters. While you can handle such a situation on your own and get compensated, getting an attorney after the accident will increase your chances of getting better compensation from the insurance company.

Most victims of car accidents, however, don’t know when to get an attorney for a car accident. While car accidents can come with a myriad of problems for you to worry about (e.g injuries sustained and medical bills to sort), contacting personal injury attorneys – can go a long way towards receiving the justice you deserve for the accident.

In this post, we’ll show you exactly when to get a lawyer after a car accident but first, what should you do (and not do) right after the accident?

What to immediately do after a car accident


1. Call 911 immediately and address your situation.

2. Use your phone to gather evidence of the accident. Take pictures of the scene, the license plates, eye witnesses around, and any other vital information.

3. Call a lawyer to start the process of building your accident case.

What not to do


1. Neglect to report the accident. It’s important that you report it, otherwise you may not be able to take it to trial.

2. Don’t admit it’s your fault. Admitting fault can not only affect your insurance payouts but it could prevent you from having a case!

3. Don’t accept any settlement immediately at the scene. Only do this on the advice of a car accident personal injury lawyer!

When to hire a lawyer after a car accident


1. When it’s time to negotiate your compensation with an insurance company. The reason you’ll need a lawyer is because insurance companies tend to try to pay you as little as humanly possible. They will give you mixed signals and remain nebulous about your actual compensation amount until it’s time for you to receive it.

2. When it’s not clear who caused the accident amongst yourselves. When accidents happen, the blame game normally starts. You may find both parties involved in the accident blaming and pointing fingers to each other – on who caused the accident. It’s for this reason that hiring an attorney may be your best solution. Remember: never admit fault!

3. When you or your vehicle’s occupants sustain injuries in the accident. When injured, a lawyer can help you receive compensatory damages for the injuries sustained.

4. When the accident occurred in a school zone or construction zone. These can be particularly serious.

5. When you’re not in agreement with the police’s report on how the accident occurred.

With that said, if you ever get involved in an accident and need legal help in Atlanta, lawyers in Gainesville GA  is here for you. Get a no-obligation consultation now!