The law and its practitioners can be such a complicated world to navigate. No matter which legal query or problem you have there is an attorney whose specialization covers it. It is important to have an idea of the different areas of specialty to choose the best fit.

Law can loosely be divided into five categories in which a variety of specialties fall. These categories are criminal, civil, constitutional, administrative, and international law. Here are the different types of lawyers within these groups

Criminal Law

Criminal Defense Lawyer


A criminal defense lawyer comes in when one has been accused of perpetrating a crime that harms people or property. This type of attorney represents and provides counsel from the point of arrest through the judicial process up to the point of sentencing. They also handle appeals, bail applications, and plea bargain negotiations.

Administrative Law


Administrative law involves the laws and regulations set by the executive branch of government and its agencies. Social Security Disability, immigration, and environmental lawyers fall under this category.

Civil Law


Civil law is broad and covers all disputes between individuals, groups, or between the government and citizens.


Civil Litigation Lawyer


This type of lawyer is often referred to as a general practice lawyer since civil law is broad. However, their primary focus is on cases concerning breach of contract. Contract disputes can be laborious and a good civil litigation lawyer in Gainesville, GA is an asset.


Real Estate Lawyer


When it comes to the buying and selling of property or settling of disputes related to foreclosures or tenancy, a real estate lawyer in Gainesville, GA will provide the necessary legal guidance. They make sure all documents are well-drafted and legally binding.

Tax Lawyer


Tax Lawyers in Gainesville, GA work together with accountants to help you navigate the maze of tax law. They come in when setting up a business or when acquiring a taxable asset. They also represent the client in disputes with the IRS where their confidentiality makes them very valuable.


Labor Lawyer


These lawyers are also called worker’s compensation lawyers. They handle worker’s compensation during employment and after severance. Unlawful lay-offs also fall in their dockets. They may or may not work with a union.


Corporate Lawyer


Corporate and banking lawyers in Gainesville, GA represent all kinds of business entities and financial institutions in a wide scope of matters. They tackle matters such as business formation, mergers and acquisitions, debt financing, liquidation, and regulatory matters.


Personal Injury Lawyer


Personal injury lawyer in Gainesville, GA specializes in tort law which decides whether someone has legal liability for a civil wrong that has caused harm to another. These cases include work injuries, involvement in car accidents, and receiving damaged products. They help their clients collect appropriate compensation and settlements.


Probate and Estate Planning Lawyer


Probate refers to the legal process that determines if a will is bona fide and legitimate. It also refers to the administering of a deceased person’s will.

Estate planning occurs before death and involves the drafting of wills, establishing trusts, and distributing property.

An estate planning lawyer well-versed in probate law helps you to correctly draw up an incontestable will and to tighten up the loopholes so that the will stands after death.


Family Lawyer


Any legal issues involving families fall under the umbrella of family law. From divorce to child custody and adoption, family lawyers in Gainesville, GA help clients look after their own rights and those of minors.

Due to the personal nature of family law matters, it is important to contract an objective lawyer who will ensure you don’t waive your rights unwittingly.


Lawyers in Gainesville GA


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