Our Schedule and Operations during Coronavirus Alert

Update: Our office remains closed to visitors with the exception of our Real Estate Division, which remains open on the second floor of our Hunt Tower offices in downtown Gainesville.

 We continue to conduct business as usual, answering our phones, emails and accepting new clients while our attorneys and staff work remotely.

In the interest of everyone’s safety, we encourage clients and others interested in our legal services to initiate contact by phone (770.536.0101) or by emailing individual staff and attorneys through our website. We also offer video-conferencing services, while some limited private meetings may be conducted at our office if required.

For clients with active cases, please understand that there likely will be delays with such matters as will signings and real estate closings due to some court closures. The Supreme Court of Georgia has declared a state of judicial emergency, which will remain in place through June 12th unless otherwise modified or extended. As a result, non-essential hearings and scheduled depositions have been postponed, and it is unclear when depositions, mediations and other litigation events will start back. Federal court cases will also be experiencing delays. If you have any questions with your specific case, feel free to contact your attorney or staff member at Stewart Melvin & Frost for an update.

Public health conditions are fluid and evolving, therefore please check back on our website for future announcements related to the coronavirus pandemic and our office operations. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to be safe and mindful of healthy habits and precautions.


Special Announcement from our Real Estate Division:

During the COVID-19 alert, we request that non-essential individuals NOT attend real estate closings or other in-person appointments at our Hunt Tower offices. “Non-essential” persons are anyone who is not necessary for the execution of legal documents or other consultations – including, but not limited to, friends, family, loan officers and real estate agents.

Please know that we understand some clients will prefer or want the presence of other support individuals; however, we are working in everyone’s best interest to avoid as much personal contact as possible and safeguard your health. Thank you for understanding.