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An Uncommon Practice


Trained and certified as mediators and early neutral evaluators in the local judicial circuit, Stewart, Melvin & Frost attorneys facilitate negotiations, settlement and resolution of a variety of cases.

The firm also provides arbitration for those who want to avoid lengthy court proceedings but still need independent and fair judgment.

Collaborative Family Practice

Stewart Melvin & Frost is leading the way in introducing to Northeast Georgia an emerging field of law called Interdisciplinary Collaborative Family Practice.

A form of alternative dispute resolution, Collaborative Family Practice is an innovative approach to settling divorce cases and other family disputes. It discourages the potentially devastating effects of some traditional legal proceedings by allowing participants to avoid court, save time and money, and focus more on their children.

Utilizing a team approach, the practice goes beyond mediation by bringing together attorneys for both parties, a financial consultant and a mental health professional to work toward a fair and balanced resolution.

For more information, contact attorney Nancy Richardson of the Stewart Melvin & Frost legal team.

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